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For us, figures are more than just numbers, they convey the story of the company. That's why we have created a range of services that meet the needs of customers. Find out how we can help you today.

Financial Accounting & Management

According to the Accounting Law, financial accounting services are mandatory for any company.

Our team meets the needs of clients through personalized services that are tailored to the specifics to both its activity and objectives.

Communication and financial education of our clients are principles that guide us in providing support to companies in their growth process.

To meet our clients’ requirements, we offer the following services:

  • Monitoring the legislation in the financial-accounting and fiscal field, proactively communicating the legislative changes that have an impact on the Client's activity and proposing change solutions for compliance with the legal regulations;
  • Timely registration of the primary finance documents of the Client company;
  • Management accounting;
  • Preparation of verification of General Ledgers;
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns;
  • Preparation and communication to the client of payment orders regarding the obligations to the state authorities;
  • Preparation and submission of balance sheets;
  • Completion of the obligatory registers: Inventory Register, General Journal Register and Fiscal Register;
  • Assistance with fiscal controls performed by state bodies;
  • Manual preparation of accounting procedures;
  • Tax consulting;

Expertise services

By requesting an accounting expertise you can benefit from a complete analysis of the company

Following the accounting expertise, you will have an image on the part of highlighting the accounting documents and of some financial-accounting solutions

  • Verification of significant value transactions and supporting documents (contracts, fiscal residence certificates, activity reports, invoices, etc.);
  • Verification of accounting processes in order to certify the correctness and effectiveness;
  • Checking the salary calculation and the taxation system of the collaborators;
  • Verification of tax calculations and fees;
  • Verification of submitted tax returns and financial reports;
  • Sample verification of personnel files, employment contracts, copyrights.

Human resources and payroll services

Human resources are one of the most important investments of a company.

The success of the company, the degree of competitiveness and the progress of the company depend to a large extent on the quality of human resources and their level of creativity.


  • Calculation and preparation of monthly payment statements;
  • Preparation and submission of declarations regarding social contributions;
  • Preparation of payment orders for contributions and labor insurance contribution;
  • Assistance to fiscal controls performed by state bodies;

Personal administration

  • Preparation of employment documents (individual employment contracts, job description, etc.), employment contract modification documents (additional documents, information), employment contract suspension documents (when applyiable);
  • Calculation and evidence of rest leave, medical leave, bonuses;
  • Relationship insurance with health insurance house for recovery amounts of medical leave - preparation and submission of recovery file;
  • Seizure calculation and connection with bailiffs;
  • Calculation of meal vouchers and gift vouchers (if applicable);
  • Preparation of monthly situation with the net salaries of the employees;
  • Salary flyers (if applicable);
  • Registrations or modifications in REVISAL;
  • Transmission of changes to ITM;
  • Preparation of personnel files;
  • Evidence of rest leave, unpaid leave, unexcused absences, recoveries;
  • Preparation of the deduction form based on the children's birth certificates;
  • Preparation of personal file of employees;
  • Preparation of retirement files;
  • Preparation of unemployment files;
  • Preparation of certificates for employees - bank, family doctor, etc .;
  • Preparation of timesheets and records of daily work hours.

IT & C

Our IT services complement your business by providing IT & C infrastructure, management and audit.

Following the accounting expertise, you will have an image on the way of highlighting the accounting documents and of some financial - accounting situations.

  • Set-up IT infrastructure for a newly established company;
  • IT&C infrastructure design;
  • Implementation and management of IT&C projects;
  • Vulnerability management and cybersecurity consulting;
  • Management, administration and support for IT infrastructure - servers, networking, VoIP, etc .;
  • Virtual infrastructure management on different virtualization platforms;
  • IT relationship services with vendors or third parties;
  • Consulting in choosing and purchasing IT&C solutions;
  • IT&C infrastructure audit;
  • Migration of cloud services;
  • Hosting IT services in own infrastructure;
  • Software management and inventory;
  • Licensing consultancy;
  • User training and instruction;
  • Data backup in own infrastructure.

Legal services

Commercial law

In the field of commercial contracts, our assistance involves drafting, negotiating and reviewing a wide variety of commercial contracts. Thus, we offer legal assistance in the preparation and negotiation of various commercial contracts (distribution, agency, franchise, leasing, services, production, sales - purchase, association, management).

We also offer consulting for:

  • Litigation regarding breach of contractual obligations;
  • Transactions in the procedural and post-procedural phase;
  • Commercial contracts: drafting and certification;
  • Preparation of notifications, summonses, addresses;
  • Assistance in negotiating contracts and / or transactions;
  • Assistance in the forced execution stage;
  • The procedure of the payment order and the payment order.

Labor law

In the field of labor law we offer the following services:

  • Assistance and representation before the courts competent in resolving labor disputes;
  • Legal assistance and consultancy regarding contractual labor relations;
  • Drafting contracts, agreements, notifications;
  • Assistance in negotiating employment contracts;
  • Writing the job description, the internal regulations, the organization and functioning regulations;
  • Assistance and consultancy in drafting employment contracts, confidentiality, exclusivity, professional qualification, mobility clauses;
  • Legalization and enforcement of court decisions.


  • Assistance and representation in all enforcement procedures, legal assistance in the election of bailiffs, negotiation of fees, participation with the executor in the conduct of movable or immovable enforcement proceedings;
  • Legal advice on how to recover debts, flow analysis, evaluation of recovery chances, choice of recovery strategy, evaluation of recovery costs;
  • Legal assistance and representation before the courts for debt recovery;
  • Negotiation and trading services in debt recovery procedures, customer representation in amicable dispute resolution procedures;
  • Legal assistance and representation in enforcement appeals, seizure validation and any other legal action in connection with enforcement

Other services

  • Writing and / or providing legal opinions and information on the client's legal issues;
  • Elaboration of draft legal acts (contracts, conventions, statutes, etc.) and legal assistance in the negotiations related to them;
  • Elaboration of legal opinions;
  • Participation as a consultant in the activity of the deliberative bodies of a legal entity, in accordance with the law;
  • Establishment of associations / foundations;
  • Registration of amendments to the articles of association;
  • Representation and assistance before the court and other competent authorities;
  • Any other legal advice.

Human Resources

Human resources are one of the most important investments of a company. Virtually no company can grow without human resources. The success of their management is important for both large and small and medium-sized companies. Employees are the ones who create, deliver and sell the products and services of any company. Therefore, employee performance, loyalty and motivation are essential and can increase when human resource management is successful.

Recruitment and selection

  • Setting the end-to-end recruitment process;
  • Audit of the existing recruitment process and internal HR-related processes;
  • Writing the interview grid and the job announcement;
  • Identification of candidates in the company's database, on employment and social media sites and in other sources;
  • Holding selection interviews;
  • Selection of candidates and preparation of the short list to be interviewed by the client;
  • Writing the interview grid for the interview given by the client;
  • Scheduling customer interviews;
  • Advice on the selection of candidates and the decision to hire.


Outplacement is the process and procedures by which the assistance of the employee who leaves the company following a dismissal or the reduction of the size of an organization is offered. He is supported to get another job or make a professional retraining. The outplacement program gives employees the structure and guidance in looking for the next career opportunity and keeps motivated employees who stay in the company because I see that for colleagues who left it was offered all the necessary support.

  • Individual discussions for career assessment, identification of job search skills, labor market orientation and understanding;
  • Career counseling for updating and improving CVs and LinkedIn profiles;
  • Active search on different recruitment channels and recruitment agencies for career opportunities;
  • Preparation for job interviews and salary negotiation.